Keeping Cubase focused after pressing a button on OSC

Hey all!
I am loving OSC but I do have one question .. I am running OSC on one computer and whenever I press a button on Cubase is not the focused program in Windows which forces me to click back into it for keyboard commands to work .. any Idea on how to tackle this issue?

When using the built-in client (ie not a browser application), o-s-c can be prevented from taking the focus at all by setting the client-options option to


Note that this will make input widgets unusable because they won't be focusable anymore. Also when the editor is enabled the option is bypassed.

Thanks for the help!

For some reason this option just brings up focus on random open windows on my PC rather than Cubase specifically .. I just need it to return focus to last active window which is Cubase.

Is it possible to add key stroke simulations to OSC buttons? I could maybe include the alt-tab command to return to the cubase window after the midi command finished ..

Werid, are you using the latest version?

Is it possible to add key stroke simulations to OSC buttons?

It's not supported (Keyboard commands or keystrokes)

I believe I am .. I am using V 1.22.0.
Other than this weird issue this program is perfect, I just can't figure out a way bring focus back to Cubase after pressing a button on OSC.

So whenever I press a button it seems to focus back on other windows rather than Cubase, it just cycles between them as if I am issuing an alt-tab command .. when it's done cycling between all programs it just stops switching altogether .. are there any ideas on what can be done?

It might help to test it on different configurations (windows versions / number of screens) to pinpoint the cause of the issue. Feedback from other users might help to determine if its bug in open stage control or in windows. There's unfortunately little I can do because I don't have any system running on windows.

There's a chance the bug comes from the underlying electron/browser engine in which case it might get fixed in a future update, but I upgrade the engine as rarely as possible since it usually brings more problems than it solves.

I see, well thank you for all the responses and for an incredible tool!


I don't use cubase but if you want people to test, could you provide a minimal json session file to allow to proceed the same test.

Testing with any other software could help as well : simply launch any osc session with client-options set to noFocus=1, focus another software like a text editor, click on osc, and see if the text editor remains focused (you should be able to type text).

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So i confirm the bug on windows.


Well at least now I know it's not only on my end, would love to see this fixed sometime in the future if possible. Thank you all for the assistance!

I add that it is the same on macos ventura

Ok so it looks like I misunderstood how unfocusable windows are supposed to be handled. The previous implementation had an annoying drawback (VSTI screen blinking every time when I pressed button - #5 by CCheoli), I don't know yet how to fix that.


Any progress on this issue by any chance?

Unfortunately no, still in my bookmarks though.

Understood, thanks! <3