How to make OSC client window always on focus in macOS

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this is my first post, and I've searched a bit around before asking...

My problem is not really a huge issue, but I'm sure it can be fixed...
I mostly use my OSC midi controller side by side with Ableton Live, on a touch screen monitor on my mac computer, as its shown in the picture. I mostly use my OSC for live performance, controlling all thing midi in my setup. However i always have to double touch the OSC app (or click it with my mouse) to set it on focus, when I use another app (eg: Ableton), before I can move the sliders or press some buttons. How could i avoid this?

I saw the noFocus=1 in the client options, but doesn't do the trick, also i tried to put unFocus() in the scripting values, but no luck. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

The noFocus option is meant to prevent the o-s-c window from taking the focus, as far as I understand it's not what you want. What's weird is that the behavior you expect is indeed how it's supposed to work and I'm not sure I have much control over that. Is there a possibility to configure how window focus is handled at the system's level ? Once a window other than ableton's is focused, are you able to move a fader/knob in it without focusing it first with a click ?

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Hi Jean,

thank you for your reply, yes indeed that should be the default setting as it is, and if I remember correctly it used to work like that. Now it does not anymore, even if it is another program (not Ableton) it acts the same, first I have to click to get the window to focus on, then I can move the sliders etc... It may be some settings on Mac that i have to check first, but to be honest i dont know where to start...