iPad Webapp connection dropouts

So I am trying to assist a friend who has a venue with a custom OSC web app to control the lights in his bar (Raspberry pi with DMX boxes)

The web app runs on an iPad - it connects and functions perfectly for about 5 seconds and then drops connection/the app is unresponsive. If I close the app and disconnect the iPad from wifi briefly, and restart the app it functions again for about 5s before dropping connection.

The iPad also controls an audio mixer through its own app (Allen Heath qu-16 + QuMix), this functions continuously without error.

I have little experience with OSC so looking for suggestions of things I can try or test when I go back to try troubleshoot again.

Any thoughts?


Have you checked the required version ?

Hi Greenman,

I believe the iPad is running iOS 13. The whole system has been running perfectly for the last 6 months, this intermittent connection / dropout issue has crept in a week ago.

Did you upgrade to v1.11.1 recently ? It could be a recent change I made (supposed to tame dropout notifications) that doesn't work as intended.

@TheMustard Did you set the server's client-options to something like id=whatever ? If that's the case and you're are using more than one client (including the built-in default client on the server side) that's what's causing the issue, all clients must have a unique id and must provide their own unique id in the url if this client option is set.