Client sync issue

Hi @jean-emmanuel

I am seeing strange behaviour, which might be a bug. However so far it has only happened on this specific session (file attached).

  • In launcher I have set up session file to load automatically on server start.
  • osc send ip address and port are defined separately under “Define Variables” (modal) with input widgets. For ip address I have also 3 buttons with predifined values which sets ip address in input widget. default ip address is set to
  • 1st camera control port is defined with input module which is then incremented in matrix, depending which camera is selected.

Problem 1: If I run session on laptop, everything works just fine, however if I connect to server with iPad while same session is opened on laptop, then on iPad i get different send address then on laptop - (AERO Laptop), while on laptop it’s still default At this point I haven’t pressed any buttons on either laptop or iPad
Problem 2: When I select any of the Cameras on laptop, Camera control port on iPad is calculated as 0 or some other random value, while on laptop is as expected: Camera 1: 6002; Camera 2: 6003 etc. However if I then go and press camera button on iPad, then Camera control port is calculated 0 on both - laptop and iPad.

If I start server and imediately close session window on laptop, then connect to server from iPad, everything works just fine.
Basically only 1 client can be connected at the time, otherwise it breaks down.

For me it’s fine to use only 1 client device. As a workaround it works. But I am quite curious why it breaks down if multiple clients are connected.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Camera Control v4.json (143.7 KB)

When a widget sends a message, it’s automatically sent to the other clients to keep them in sync ( When a new client connects, the other clients are asked to send all their widgets’ values for synchronization as well. You’re probably running into unwanted synchronization here.

Adding a “non-synchronized” client mode is something I’ll do eventually :). Currently you’d need to set bypass to true on the widgets in your config modal to prevent them from sending any message, this way their value will only be used locally.

Hi @jean-emmanuel

Just wanted to let you know that in v1.7.2 andv1.7.3 I don’t see sync issues anymore (haven’t tried other 1.7 releases) Not sure what changed under the hood, but it works now as expected now.

Tried doing this in release 1.6.2, but it didn’t work.