Instructions for setting up on mac and using with ASUS touch screen. Not Using with Ipad or iOS

are there instructions for setting up for on mac and using with ASUS or any other touch screen? Not Using with Ipad or iOS.

There's is nothing particular to do, if the screen is properly recognized by the system it will work.

Hello there,
just to be sure I'm fully understanding...
Firstly : I'm working on Mac pro, on Logic Pro X and Pro tools Ultimate, if I want to get a big touch screen to control things like all the midi stuffs with OSC, the type of screen that does not exist at Apple, I can buy a PC one, an Asus for exemple (or anything else big enough for me) and, via ethernet, I will be able to control things in my logic pro/Protools sessions ?
Secondly : So, what type of installation and development process have I to follow in this case ? PC or MAC or Both ? I'm not sure to understand where I'm gonna have to install and develop things ?

Thanks for your help !


You only to install O-S-C on your main system, the remote system only requires a recent Chrome/Firefox to connect to the server. Files will be saved on the main system.