How to launch headless on Mac OS?

Hi everybody, was trying to launch the system headless on Mac OS, but I’m not sure how to do it. I tried many different way but I’m sorry I don’t understand the documentation.

Can someone explain me a bit more step by step how to do it ? (NB : I understand how to handle the options flags and I’m proficient with terminal and command line).

The first roadblock I encountered was
command not found: open-stage-control

Did I miss something during the install process ?

Thx in advance for your help !

You may be the first to launch it from a terminal on Mac ! 3 possible solutions (I’m not sure which one should go in the docs)

# just guessing paths here, adjustment may be needed
sudo ln -s /Applications/ /usr/bin/open-stage-control
  • according to this thread, something like this should work out of the box too
open --args [options]

is there any advantaged to launch it from the terminal ?

You can start and configure the server without using the launcher.

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Thanks for your quick answer as usual.
Happy to be the first at something once in my life ^^ !

Here are my learnings so you can edit the documentation if you need to :

  1. Create a symlink but be ware of two things
  • After El Capitan /usr/bin is not available for edits even to root user (more infos @stack overflow)
  • For the MacOS build of OpenStageControl the path is /Applications/
  1. Restart your terminal app so the symlink is effective

  2. Then you can launch with flags like this open-stage-control --no-gui for example

I also tested the third option but it won’t launch the app in headless mode. Using open on is the same as double clicking on the app to launch it.

Thanks for your feedback ! Just to be sure, did you try the third options like this example ?

open --args --no-gui

Just tried and it worked as expected. So it works too.
Sorry for the mistake. Thus, the last sentence of my previous post is inaccurate.
Thanks for pointing it out :pray:t2:
The only difference with the other method, is that you got the app icon in the Dock.

Thanks for your feedback, I’ll document option 3 then since it doesn’t require any system modification.