How to group toggle buttons

Hi, How to group toggle buttons to have such behavour: When I press one button to have ON then the rest of the buttons are OFF ?


There is a switch widget that works exactly like that. Properties reference - Open Stage Control

Thanks, but it would be better to have the same behavior on separate buttons . Second thing is that I dont know how to set separate midi notes for each button of the switch

I'm not sure what you want to do. Could you please explain what do you want to achieve?

I want to have some separate button to change quantize presets in Cubase. 1/2; 1/8; 1/16 etc. But I want to see on my Touch screen what preset is carrently ON , because cubase not sent midi notes for quantize presets I want to see it in such way. I want to use it not only for presets, but also for various other things,

Ok, got it.
So, switch is still the best option.

Set its values prop like this, where the numbers (29 to 37) represent the CCs of each quantize category, respectively:

  "1/1": 29,
  "1/2": 30,
  "1/4": 31,
  "1/8": 32,
  "1/16": 33,
  "1/32": 34,
  "1/32": 35,
  "1/64": 36,
  "1/128": 37

Leave the OSC section empty.

In its script prop, paste this:

send("midi:yourMIDIPortName", "/control", 1, value, 127)

And since these are Commands in Cubase, it's not possible to set a two-way communication between OSC and Cubase. Only changes in OSC will be sent to Cubase, not vice-versa.

Hope it helps.

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It is working. Thanks. BTW. Do you think is it possible that Cubase will change this and Commands will send midi both way in the future?

You're welcome.
I don't think it will change in the near future. Even in Cubase 12, with the new MIDI Remote the quantize category is still under the key command group, so no two-way communication either.

It seems to me that despite of a good idea of midi remote it works worse than generic remote still. Also a little bit problem is to change midi in and out chanels in the midi remote template. The only way , as I noticed, is to remove current in out and next open cubase, open midi remote template and then it ask to set new midi in out. Unless is another way , but I don't know what.

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To change the MIDI port of a surface in MIDI Remote, you could edit the JSON file of the surface. Do the following:

  1. Open MIDI Remote
  2. Click here to open the MIDI remote manager
  3. Locate the surface on which you need the MIDI port changed, then make a note of how exactly the port is named (mine is "IAC SessionKiano"), then close the window.
  4. Click here (to navigate to the script folder and locate the JSON file):
  5. Open the JSON file of the surface that needs to be edited, then search for the port you jotted down on step 3 (I jotted down "IAC SessionKiano"). Replace the name of that port with the name of a new port, then save the file. Please note that there are two instances of the same name, one for INPUT and one for OUTPUT.
    I replaced "IAC SessionKiano" with "IAC MIDIRemote".
  6. Restart Cubase.

That's it. Actually, there's more. You need to make sure that the port is not used by other surfaces. If it's used, only one surface will have the "connected" status.

Thank you very much Theodor for your tip. I will check it.

I was just trying that out and was about to reply, but the_1st answered it first :blush:

I'd just add that restarting Cubase is not necessary, just press the reload script and it will work. The only problem is that Cubase doesn't update the port names for the script.

But it is (necessary)! Though it shouldn't be...

Would've been nice to check out the tip before replying. Anyway, you're welcome.

The only problem of what you suggested is that if a value is selected, you can't click it again to send the same MIDI message. This is why the script property should contain two more lines:

set(this, undefined, {send:false}) // to make the switch return to undefined (after you click a value)
set("indicator_switch", value) // for monitoring the values you pressed

quantize values - switch.json (3.9 KB)


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Thank youo for this "quantize values - chelsea.json" . Good idea too. I wonder only, why I can't move this widget and other added widgets in the editor window ?

That's a really good question... @jean-emmanuel, help!

@Jacek, a warkaround would be to select the widgets, then use the arrows on the PC keyboard while holding down ctrl/cmd. This lets you move the widgets.

Check the root element's layout prop in the Panel style section. It's set to default0. Change it to default.

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Thanks. It works :slight_smile:

Because there's is a typo in the root widget's layout property, funny side effect though.

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