Help with setup OSC and Miditranslator


i try to connect OSC with Bome Miditranslator to control via push buttons some hotkeys (Shortcuts).
But all workarounds does not work. OSC-loopmidi-Miditranslator etc.
Is something wrong with my connections?
Thanks for our help.

It’s hard too tell without more informations on your setup. Did you enable O-S-C’s debug option to check whether it does send the expected messages or not ? Did you read the MIDI documentation for O-S-C ? Also if you’re using Windows you might find some informations on this forum :

Hi Jean,

thanks for your reply.
Yes i have enabled it and i have tried it with only one button in OSC to send a note via a button. OSC tells the message goes to my midi device, but the connected loopmidi port does not recognice anything. Also the connected bome midi translator. I have read the midi documetation but is OSC sending real midi or Osc messages? Do i need a osc to midi converter?
Thank you very much for your help.

If something like this is printed, it means O-S-C is sending MIDI:
MIDI sent: NOTE_ON: channel=1, note=64, velocity=1 To: midi:midi_port_name

If something like this is printed, it means O-S-C is sending OSC (meaning your widget is not configured correctly):

OSC sent:  {
  address: '/note',
  args: [
    { type: 'f', value: 1 },
    { type: 'f', value: 64 },
    { type: 'f', value: 1 }
} To:

Could you also provide the options passed to O-S-C ? (a screenshot will do)

Hi Jean,
here is the screenshot.
I think something is wrong with the connection between OSC and Loopmidi. But i dont no why.
Is there an workaround to test that?
Cheers Stephan

Your o-s-c configuration shows that you’re sending midi events directly to “Sibelium” (ports 9 & 7) instead of “Bome’s midi translator” (ports 3 & 3).

Hi Jean,
yes i will send it to loop Midi port: Sibelius to to grab it with bome midi.

Oh so “Sibelius” is a virtual port created by loopMidi, okay. Did you try to send directly to the midi translator software instead of going through loopMidi ?

Yes ive tried that also but didnt work. My feeling is that nothing goes out of OSC. Can i check that anywere? Win10 64bit and python rtmidi is correctly installed.

Could you send the messages to a “midi monitor” software that prints received messages ?

I have tried it with midi Ox but it needs a generated midi channel and i tried loopmidi but it doesnt work. Do you have an other software were i can connect OSC directly?

This maybe :
I don’t use windows so I can’t try it.

Hi Jean,

i have tried it with pocket midi but i can only connect pocket midi over an virtual midi port like the loopmidi one. i have tried that but also nothing comes out to pocket midi. I have no idea yet what i can do.
Do you have any ideas? Cheers and thanks

It could be a problem with the virtual midi driver then, but I’m not sure I can help there unfortunately…

Hi Jean,
i have tried that also but nothing work. I have no idea anymore and i thing i deinstall anything like python rtmidi. What do you thing?

I’m clueless unfortunately, the issue doesn’t seem to come from o-s-c. Have you ever managed to get a working virtual MIDI connection on this system, even without o-s-c ?

Hi @StephanS,

May i suggest you to install and
I guess Loopmidi is already installed. All are free and pretty useful to test midi under windows.

With this settings you should be able to send notes from the keyboard to Helm.
Tell us if it works.

Hope it helps.