Handle \n for input widget, fast-redrawing widgets

Hello @jean-emmanuel I come from the github bugtracker (here), where we discussed about animated spectrum bars

I made some tries with a text widget, and it is not so bad:

(it is smoother in reality, but the capture frame rate and the conversion to gif make it feel slower)

For now I am using a text widget.

I think the perf is better than using compact faders.

but it is still using a larg amount of cpu (30-40% @ 25fps), so I’d like to try other options.

You advised me to use a canvas-based widget such as an input.

But unfortunately, it seems that inputs do not support line breaks…

I also thought about using an HTML widget, but I fear that sending the whole HTML content so often won’t be efficient…

I could also receive a list of values by OSC then generate the full html document inside o-s-c…

I also thought about a frame, which would poll and display a text file generated on the server in realtime

what option, do you think, will be the fastest?

Thanks for your help