FEATURE REQUEST: Input Widget to have multiple lines of text

Hey Jean,

I wanted to put in a feature request for the Input Widget.

Currently you can type 1 line of text. I am currently trying to make a panel full of Input Widgets with Buttons next to each one. However, there is just not enough space in the Input widget to show the full name. Being able to have text on 2 lines/rows would be absolutely great.

Here's a screen shot of an example...

Input Widget and Button Example

So on the left there is an input widget that the user can tap on to change the name (and for this specific context, the names will likely get changed a lot so to prevent a user from having to go into Edit mode, the Inputs are perfect). The small button to the right (labelled 1) is the button the users presses to send that specific command off to their DAW. The long button to the furthest right is there to demonstrate the name is too long for the input (and that is absolute shorthand that can't be any shorter.

I was just wondering if it would be possible to make this happen? Sorry, I know you must be busy


Here's an another example of why I would love 2 lines of text.

Example 2

Each of those Input Widgets should say CC LANE CONFIG 1 (up to 16) and these are default until the user changes them.

Please pretty please! :slight_smile:

A multi line input would be nice indeed. Development is slow these days though, don't expect it too soon ;).


Amazing man. Thank you and totally understand. :slight_smile:

Until then, I'll get by I suppose :joy:

Button and input wdiget example Work around

Version 1.10! Multiline Input! Jean, you are a legend! Thank you so much