FR : custom fragment file path

I'm using more and more fragments in my sessions, this is a great workflow.
As far as I understand, fragments files have to be in the same location as main session file (or Fragment file path must be an absolute path, which is not very convenient for me as I often switch from one computer to another)

Fragment file path (relative to the session or theme file location by default, falling back to absolute path)

FR :
It would be great to be able to specify a custom fragment folder in O-S-C editor preferences, where user could store fragment files.
Fragment widget would then search for specified fragment file in this order :

  1. relative to the session file location
  2. in the custom fragment folder
  3. falling back to absolute path

What do you think ?
or maybe I'm missing something and there's already a way to use the same fragments file with different sessions located in different folders?


...was it a dumb question ? :thinking:

Not at all, I didn't took the time to think about it yet though. My first idea was : why not use the cache directory, it would make sense wouldn't it ?

totally !
I didn't know it's existence until now :slight_smile:
A UI in the server to define path would be more user-friendly.
Is this directory used for something else ? will it be 'polluted' by some other files ?
are sub folders also in the search path?

I just thought of a simple workaround: begin your path with ~/, it resolves to your user directory (/home/username/ on linux/mac and something like C:\Users\UserName on windows).

Is this directory used for something else ?

Yes, there are some files there

will it be 'polluted' by some other files ?

No risk of conflict if they were put in a subfolder.

Note that it's just an idea, using the cache directory won't work for now.