Automatically set the "custom module" path relative to "remote-root" path

Hi there!

Today I relocated my remote-root folder somewhere else and felt the need to not have to update two paths in the configuration form (of the O-S-C server/launcher). Would you please make the path for the custom module be relative to the remote-root folder path?

Thank you!

I don't think that's a good idea, the remote-root option is only meant to provide some kind of restricted context (filesystem-wise) for the client app (hence the "remote") but I don't think it should affect the server configuration.

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No problem. I just thought I could type in something like "~/cmodules/custom-module.js" and let O-S-C do the rest in finding the js file, based on a root folder—maybe a different folder than remote-root. Thank you anyway and... a happy [almost] new year! :partying_face: