Flow Template for Cubase, Vienna Ensemble Pro and Open Stage Control

Hello everyone,

I am happy to share the upgrade of my (commercial) product Flow partially made with OSC

Flow is an integrated environment providing a solid template built with Cubase and Vienna Ensemble Pro plus a controller application built of course with Open Stage Control.

From the app you can select tracks, enable instruments, switch articulations, control microphones and other controllers, search instruments or articulations... and more and more

Actually it offers ready to use integration with Spitfire Audio and Orchestral Tools libraries, more will come, but in the end it is an open project so one can use it as a start to add all the libraries he wants.

You can find more info here

or check this introduction video


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A review by media composer Lorenzo Emanuel :wink:

Hi @gidash Really cool what you've done here. Super impressed with how it all looks. Must have taken you a long time!

I especially like your window/panel management. Did you use the grid-template a lot?


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no actually I coded everything myself with javascript, I could not get what I wanted with the existing properties :slight_smile: