[feature Request] STATE save and open is ignoring clones

As a follow up on

STATE/SAVE and STATE/OPEN is ignoring cloned widgets.
Maybe with an option to exclude widgets (e.g. prevent messing up a widget which mimics something like save slots)

Clone widgets are affected by state saves/loads. It may be an id collision issue, if you're not overriding the clone's id using the props property.

keko.json (208.0 KB)
state1.txt (3.4 KB)

Thanks for the tip, but that does not solve the problem, (also mentioned here States how to save and load)...
-> when adding an id to the cloned panel, just the panel appears then in the state file, but not all children of the panel(stompPanel - kempFxDetA - FXXKNOB* and FXKNOBVAL* are just shown once).

I attached the json file, store and recall button are doing the following:


Panelname is "stompPanel", one of its clone is "clone_StompPanelB", when setting this props.id it just adds one entry with it's id, but not the FXKNOB* widgets like expected(and it messes up the the visibility then -> i didn't look into that).

update on this one. The FXKNOB* needs to have an identifier in the name and in the props of clones.(this is not as i expected as the whole "Stomppanel" is cloned and set with props.id)

Another question:

While i can do in a clones WIDGETID

-> xxxxA

in the PROPS this resolves to


while i can parse this letter, is there an easier way to get the correct letter, and why does it behave here differntly ?


anyone any hint on that? thanks!

in the PROPS this resolves to

It a bug introduced in v1.9.8 I just fixed, you'll be fine soon :slight_smile:

Hi thanks for the new Version, but the behaviour is still the same...

Please provide a very minimal session to help understanding the issue.

keko_min.json (22.1 KB)

Of course,

i just deleted a lot from my template.
Variables in PROPS of
KEMPER - stompPanel - kempFxDetA - FXKNOB_A_1/2 and
KEMPER - stompPanel - kempFxDetA - FXKNOBVAL_A_1/2

resolving not as intended (see statements above), resolve like expected in e.g. widgetId


Ok, it took me a while ! It's not a bug, since you're in a JS{} block, you can't concatenate string like this:
you need to write this instead
'FXKNOB_' + @{parent.variables.stomp} + '_2'
The doc says

In this context, @{} / OSC{} are seen as variables.[...]

oh of course! Thanks!