Dragging Channals on Cubase

Hey Everyone..
is it possible to make a code that will drag a selected track on cubase to an existing folder?
it will make my life much easier.. Thanks a lot


Not that I'm aware of. There is no "move track" or even "move track number position" in Cubase or the Project Logical Editor. The only native function Cubase has, allows you to move a track in a "New Folder", which then you can rename etc.

You could make an AHK/Python/Keyboard Maestro script perhaps to do this in a non-conventional way. Furthermore, this way is a surefire that the script might break if you shared it with anyone else, or if screen sizes perhaps changed etc. There are so many variables that can go wrong but, the old simple macro to move a mouse to certain XY coordinates and perform your task could do the trick! :magic_wand:

You could make a project logical preset, to only show the track selected (the on you want to move) and the folder in which you want to move the track into. Then, imagining the folder is above the track, you could make a script to have the mouse move ever so slightly above it's original position which would be on the track, thus moving into the folder.

This could work just for your needs, but it also may not be a surefire way and can easily break. Food for thought.


Done!! great success :slight_smile: thanks a lot

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