Double Touch + Range

Hi All!

First of all, thanks to @jean-emmanuel for creating and maintaining such a fantastic tool!

I have a quick question regarding the range widget - it seems that when I try to move both knobs of the slider it behaves like a single-touch widget with increased precision. Is there a way to turn this off? Can we access/alter the interaction mechanics for each widget? In this case, it would be ideal to grab a range of the slider and move both points at once at the same rate as when moving one point - perhaps someone here has found a solution for this already? Thanks in advance!


That's a bug, or probably a regression because it used to work as expected (multitouch instead of increased precision). Does the multixy have the same problem ?

The multixy seems to work as expected, as far as I can tell!

Is there any chance you have a quick fix for this, or should I just wait for the next update? :slight_smile:

I'm very busy currently, this will have to wait until things get more quiet :slight_smile:

No problem at all - good luck in the meantime! :slight_smile:

It should be fixed in today's release.

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You're a hero @jean-emmanuel !