Display bug after sleep mode

Hi, after sleep mode on the iPad, several elements don't show up or only partially:

This only get's fixed by closing and restarting the browser. Anything I can improve ?
This happens with the ReaperControl template downloadable in "Made with Open Stage Control" or the latest version here:

ReaperControl_work.json (972.7 KB)

iPad Pro (12,9)
iOS 15.7
Chrome 106.0.5249.92 (in full screen mode)

Regards, mj

Maybe changing the orientation fixes it ?

I don't think I can do much on OSC's side..

Ok, no problem. Thank you for looking into it.

I have the same issue on iPad as well (and was about to report it as well)
I noticed that there's an easy way to fix it : touch and drag on the background of your session = display is refreshed. (you need to have some free space in you interface.. if it's 100% full of widget, the only way is to close and restart browser)


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Interesting, I'll try something based on that @matcham

v1.18.2 attempts to fix it (currently uploading)

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Wow, thank you ! I'll try that.