Default dropdown value

How would I have the dropdown default to "Normal"? I was unable to find anything in the forums or the documentation about this. Or maybe I wasn't sure what I was looking for...


"Normal" is your key here, so what about 0.5 ?

That's what I thought, but it always defaults to "slow"...

Read this:

When setting


in the default field that is load when starting the session. You label the key(to see Normal instead of 0.5), can't see anything obvious here... ?

No, I can't see anything obvious as I'm not an experienced programmer. Yes I want to view the dropdown by their names. And I would like to know how to have "normal" displayed on session load and the value associated with it loaded by default also.

i just made a quick test and used your value with a dropdown, i just set default to

set to slow
saved session
load session
normal is selected (in my case 0.5, because i haven't set the keys)

Have you read the link I included in post #3?

Properties reference - Open Stage Control

If set, the widget will be initialized with this value when the session is loaded.

Thank you everyone for chiming in, really appreciate it. It must have been an issue in my session that was giving me some weirdness. I've tracked down the issue now and let @jean-emmanuel know about it.

For anyone having issues like this in the future. First, copy your widget and paste it into a brand new session and then check if it works as you expect.

In this case, it certainly did.

In case I wasn't clear: updating the default property does not change the widget's value and it's on purpose.

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