Cubase 11 and Open Stage Control Windows 11

Hi there.

I'm new at this, I'm NOT an engineer. I use TouchOSC and that works well with Cubase11.
Someone suggested that Open Stage Control is MUCH better, so I'd like to try it out.
Where can I find a comprehensive text that gives me all the steps I have to make so this will work on my PC?
many thanks.

Install O-S-C using this guide:
If you have questions about the install procedure, I'll be happy to answer them.

I am almost ready to work with this amazing tool.
I have one question though:
I can communicate with Cubase as I move a fader or press a button on OSC. In Cubase are the faders moving. However it is nog working the other way around! As I move the fader in Cubase nothing changes on OSC (also the same with TouchOsc).
Can you tell me how to fix this?


Marc Baghuis

In Cubase / Generic Remote, make sure:
→ that you select the same port for input and output
→ that the entry also transmits signal

Thank you very much for your support.
Today something strange is happening: My server transmits
As soon I want to address it in chrome (or edge) I get the message (see attachment). Is this an event you know, or I am just "lucky"?


If you're trying to access the O-S-C session from the same PC that runs the server, make sure that the server is running first. If not (i.e. if you're trying to connect to the session from a different computer), then you need to make sure that the network type is set to private (I'm talking about the network type/location/profile of the computer running the server).

Steps to change the network profile from public to private:

  1. Go to Windows Settings / Network & Internet.

  1. Click on the "Ethernet" menu item on the left.
Screenshot 1 (Ethernet menu item)

  1. Select the network adapter you're using (the one that is connected to the local network)
Screenshot 2 (Ethernet page).

You might have only one network here...

  1. Select "private".
Screenshot 3 (Network profile)

You could get to the Network profile page faster by clicking on the "Change connection properties" text (if it's present in you winOS version)...

Screenshot 4 ("Change connection properties" text)

Here's a video in which this operation is performed.

(Youtube video link)

Windows 10 Network Settings Private and Public Network - YouTube

Hi Theodor
my internet is set to "particulier" = Dutch for Private.

still I got the same message.....

It seems that the alternative 127.0.0:5000 still works, but yesterday the same was the case with After a while it shut the connection somehow.

I'm still building my project though. It looks great.

Question: is there a possibility to make a button that redirects me to more pages?

thanks again for your help!



Op wo 14 jul. 2021 om 05:22 schreef Alin-Teodor Catană via Community - Open Stage Control <>:

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You're welcome!
Unfortunately, I don't know what else to suggest about your connection problem... Sorry. Maybe try configuring a static IP?

I really wish I could say more, but I haven't been using a Windows machine for quite a while now and really don't know what the problem could be.

Just as an advice, It's better to create separate topics for separate problems (and to include screenshots!).
Also, the title of this topic is a bit vague. For this problem you're having, you could create a topic with this title:
[Connection problem] O-S-C v1.9.7 on Windows 11


Do you know about tabs?

GIF (how to create tabs)


Is this answering your question?

Thanks for your answer.

No, I go to Root, the only thing that shows is add widget (version 1.9.11). Add tab is not visible.

You can't add tabs in a container if it already contains regular widgets (try cutting all widgets before adding tabs, then paste).

@theodor_the_1st thanks alot for taking some time to help, it's really appreciated !

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It works! Thanks!