Controlling ableton

hi, y'all !
First of all, thank you for the amazing help on my journey with osc.

I made a custom M4L patch that allows you to open and close groups and made that mappable within the live API. Through that device, you can map incoming OSC data to groups and open and close them.

Also working on an AHK script that lets you launch plugins inside Ableton.

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so is it possible to make an m4l which receives a message from OSC and which can trigger any key combinations under Live?

yes you can BUT, there is already an easy solution on this:

I have been playing around with AHK and OSC data and I managed to receive OSC data into AHK so we can output shortcuts through ahk so we can control Ableton.


in châtaigne software they have developed a MaxMsp patch that receive OSC information without any configuration.

I checked LiveOSC2 out but that doesn't seem to work with ableton 11

I don't want to add a third software on my pc.Osc and Ableton with VSTs and M4L modules is enough for me. However, some Live actions cannot be mapped, such as shortcuts. can you make a module that can do this? Patrick