Clip Launcher for Bitwig

Hey there,

Here is a 24 tracks clip launcher for bitwig. A bit made in a funny way for my studio needs.
There is a bar counter (from 1 to 16) that is useful for live situations.^
It has only 4 clips per channel (which is a decision I also made for my studio needs when I want to Jam).
There is a bit of lagging using my Android Tablet from 2016, but still working great. I recommend to use maybe a different web browser than Chrome. I had happier results with “Brave” (never heard of before)

There is also a 8x8 grid version, and just the counter… see bellow.

Thanks to Jean-Emmanuel for his very kind help with my lack of coding experience.

Electrypnose Launch Controler 24channels 1.1 (without users buttons).json (45.5 KB)

Here is a more standard 8x8 controller version of it, added the solo and mute fonctions.
You can also move into the grid. For this setup keep the bank page size parameter of the drivenbymoss settings to 8

Electrypnose BW Launch Control 8x8.json (52.2 KB)

Here the bar counter only

Electrypnose BW Counter.json (5.7 KB)


It is a nice work... Many thanks for that...

I have one question:
On the clipstart button you have html:

<div class="playing"></div>
<div class="queued"></div>

and on css:

.playing, .queued, {
  position: absolute;
  right: 5rem;
  top: 5rem;
  width: 50rem;
  height: 50rem;
  border-radius: 10%;
.playing {
  background: lime;
  opacity: #{ OSC{/track/@{parent.variables.n}/clip/1/isPlaying} ? 1 : 0 };
.queued {
  left: 5rem;
  background: orange;
  opacity: #{ OSC{/track/@{parent.variables.n}/clip/1/isPlayingQueued} ? 1 : 0 };

How do you know the syntax

Is this somewhere listet?