Bitwig Clip Launcher issue

Hi there, new here and just going through my first experiments with Open Stage Control.
(after using a bit of TouchOSC and Ableton)

I’m trying to achieve a cool clip launcher for bitwig, using the drivenbymoss script.
It’s slowly coming together, but I just got stuck with an issue that I’d be happy to get some help for.

I’d like to be able to control more than a 8x8 grid… and when I add a channel that has a track value bigger than 8, I get the error : OSC Crashed, Index 9 out of bounds for length 8.

I saw from other templates that I could move the grid to the next channels to have access to them, but if there is any way to be able to control more than 8 channels of clips on a single page I’d love to have some inputs.

Thanks, and thanks for this super cool tools you guys provide… the custom possibilities out of this is just stellar !

Hi !

This error was not generated by Open Stage Control, it seems the issue is more about how to use that drivenbymoss script, which unfortunately I can't help with.

Thanks for you feedback :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer… looks like it. I’ll investigate if it’s possible. In the mean time I added a button to swap clip pages.

There is actually a parameter in the controller settings to make the bank size bigger… it was right there… just in case somebody is having the same issue.