Benefit from multi-core CPU?


Does OSC benefit from multiple cores? e.g. Will a 6-core machine give a much better responsiveness than a 2-core machine? (assuming the same core types en operating frequency)
Or is it only the single core (thread?) performance which counts?

Honestly I don't know, the rendering engine is multi-process so I guess it would make a difference. What's for sure is that it the client's that has the heaviest job, not the server (you won't get better response time on a low end tablet even if the server runs on a high end computer).

Today I got a fast 2-core / 4-thread machine (Intel 8109u) and compared its performance with an 8-core / 16-thread one (AMD 3700x) while running my template in OSC.

I think I can conclude that the difference in responsiveness is quite closely related to the difference in single core performance.

While the 8-core machine in total runs 4.5 times faster than the 2-core, it runs OSC only about 40% faster. That's close to the difference in single core performance.

So single core performance (including the benefits of turbo boost) seems what matters. At least with my template but probably with most.