About Speed (CPU or GPU?)

My OSC server is installed on my iMac. I have connected an iPad with M1 processor and a PC with Intel i3 processor via Wifi. The iPad as well as the PC I have installed the Firefox browser. I switched from one instrument to another in Cubase to test the speed.
The iPad switches super fast and the PC is very slow.
Would I have to have a faster CPU on the PC? Or GPU?
Do you have any experience?


Try chromium/chrome on the PC, I've had better results with it. On the iPad it doesn't matter which browser you choose it's always Apple's browser engine under the hood, differences from a browser to another are merely cosmetics.

Thanks Jean-Emmanuel, the setup with Google Chrome is faster. I still have two questions.

  • Would the image setup be even faster with a faster CPU?
  • Why do my images look blurry on the buttons in Chrome? (The images on the buttons are 300x300pixel, the button itself is 80x60pixel).

Here is a printscreen with Chrome on the left and Firefox on the right.

I am trying to install Chronium on my PC right now. With Chronium the images are sharp again like with Firefox.
So far so good...

Now to my first question:
Would the image setup be even faster with a faster CPU?


Edge is not Chrome :slight_smile:
it seems your left screenshot comes from Microsoft Edge no ?

@Greenman Actually Edge is based on a forked version of the chrome engine, so it's really not far.

@denisspycher just in you can try fiddling with the css image-rendering property. About CPU speed, I don't do benchmarks so I don't have a definitive answer to your question sorry.

chromium engine actually :slight_smile: