9 seperate screens for 9 seperate devices


I am brand new to Open Stage Control, I am not English, I run GigPerformer (GP) on a Windows 10 laptop connected to a Motu 828x audio interface through USB.

I got a slider and a knob in Open Stage Control, each controlling a parameter of two separate VST's in GP. I also control these parameters from within the Chrome browser on my Android device, which is great. So far.

But before I spend many hours and at the end find out that it is not possible, please tell me if the following is possible with Open Stage Control. Or not:

  1. My FOH engineer to have access to a FOH mixer screen (FOH/Main bus) on his Android Tablet

I don's see this as a problem BUT, here comes the tricky part (I think)

I also have 8 band members. Each of them has their in-ear-monitors plugged into one of the 8 analogue outputs of the Motu 828.

  1. While the FOH engineer has access to a FOH mixer screen on his Android tablet (and of course adjusting parameters on the FOH bus), at the same time, I want the 8 band members to use their Android phones, each member to select one out of 8 monitor busses and each have a 24 channel monitor mixer screen on their phone and be able to adjust their own monitor mix.

Building the 9 busses in GP is not a problem. My question is:
With Open Stage Control ... how do I get 8 separate monitor mixer screens and a separate FOH mixer screen (9 screens) displayed independently on 9 separate Android devices, all adjusting parameters in GP?

I hope my question makes sense.

The most straightforward approach would be to build a single interface with 9 tabs (1 for the main mixer, 8 for the monitors), and have each person choosing the appropriate tab. Setting the tab container's bypass property to true will prevent the tab selection from being synchronized.

nice idea !
9tabs.json (6.7 KB)

Thanks #jean-emmanuel

Thanks #Greenman