Widget does not receive OSC message from deivce

I have been trying all day but am not able to get this to work - can someone help please?:

  • In O-S-C I added a Basics >> button (type tap) and an Indicators >> text
  • There is a device that I send /hello device
  • It then replies /greetings human
  • Button osc address is /hello and button on is device
  • Text widget osc address is /greetings and onValue is console.log("onValue!")
  • Protokol displays that it received ADDRESS(/greetings) STRING(human)

But the onValue is never triggered - what else should I do to receive the OSC message?

Try enabling open stage control's debug option in the launcher and check what it receives directly in the launcher's console. Also make sure the text doesn't have any preArgs set as these must be found in the message's arguments for the widget to consume it.

The debug console shows only outgoing osc messages, not incoming ones. If I monitor with Protokol then is shows the messages. But stopping Protokol and re-enabling debug does not show the incoming. The devices transmits to so it should be seen everywhere.

Does it work when sending to ? Are you sending to the correct port (8080 by default, unless port option is set otherwise, unless osc-port is set otherwise) ?

I am sending to the broadcast address for my subnet on the correct port:


The response is there when protokol is running but not when o-s-c listens.

There is nothing on my local machine ( that would send osc (apart from o-s-c!)

Could there be some firewall restriction applied to o-s-c and not to protokol ? (I did test sending messages to and o-s-c receives them normally here)

Unlikely as I am testing with just my linux laptop connected to the device directly without any other network (just an ethernet cable between the two). Is there a way to get o-s-c to display all osc messages and not just that widgets would respond to (a super-debug mode like protokol)?

The server's debug option does that already, it prints both sent and received messages regardless of what clients/widgets may expect.
Peek 13-06-2023 08-24

Thanks @jean-emmanuel, I came back to this today and strangely enough it works now, maybe due to updated Linux or O-S-C?

To expand on this question, can a widget receive ANY OSC message? I would like to have a debug/log textarea that displays ALL incoming OSC from a specific port. Looking at custom modules but it is very confusing, the documentation does not even seem to state where to place the code. Basically replicating similar to what the server's debug option does. Is this possible?

Here is a very simple custom module that would send all traffic to a single script widget that logs its incoming values to the console, load attached session file (debug.json) and custom module (debug-com.js, in the server's custom-module option) to try it.
debug-cm.js (206 Bytes)
debug.json (1.5 KB)

Thank you so very much @jean-emmanuel, I really appreciate you taking the time to write that. But I have been reading the documentation and cannot figure out where to put the custom module .js file. Could you explain in detail please? I think that I am missing a simple step but am not understanding the logic.

Aha, I have worked it out! It goes into the O-S-C Control Panel. Thanks.

Glad you figured it out :slight_smile: