What kind of MIDI/signals do your gazillion buttons send?

Is there another (for a lack of a better word) 'signal' an Open Stage Control button can send? I've been using simple CCs ever since, but I don't want them to interfere with modulation, vibrato, mics, etc. I have a fader tab for those. Jeff Laity uses "NRPNs". Sure, there are undefined CCs, but I mean come on. Really? CCs 100-127. More buttons. Moving to channel 2. MORE buttons. Moving to channel 3. And it takes so much time! I have a Finale touch controller on hold because of this! There's absolutely no way Jono not Bono's Cubase controller uses MIDI CC's. That many buttons! OSC users with big touchscreens! How do you do it!

Maybe ask @jono_not_bono ?

I don't know about Finale, but depending on what DAW you use, just have a dedicated MIDI Port/device.
I use all CC and Note messages for all 16 channels. Most daws let you choose which MIDI devices should funcion as MIDI input and which ones as control messages.
In Cubase, Reaper and Pro Tools it's possible. Let me know if you search on how.
Only using CCs you get 2048 controls. When using Notes, you are already at the double. If that's not enough, hit me up! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Hope that helps.

That's EXACTLY what I'm doing -- when I get a DAW that lets me choose my desired MIDI inputs. :frowning:
GarageBand has served me well but I could definitely use an upgrade. Hopefully soon. Can Logic do that? Let me choose the MIDI inputs?

Oh shit... but then I can't use my OSC faders. Oh well. At least I have hardware faders.

Hi @fscarlett4i4 ,
Sorry for the delay, but I was in contact with a colleague who uses Logic. He showed me the settings menu and it seems like it should work.
I don't know much about Logic, but there's a "MIDI Input" tab in settings that let's you choose devices that are used by your tracks.
Then there's a "Control Surfaces". When you go there, you are prompted with a popup window. Inside here you can select and assign the DAW's control messages. Also it let's you choose which MIDI device is beeing used as input.

So in OSC create two midi devices:

  1. For midi cc, notes, faders, etc.
  2. For DAW control messages

Then select the first in Logic's "Control Surfaces" and make sure you disable the 2nd device in the "MIDI Input" in settings.

I really hope this helped. You got me in a "asking for a friend" kind of situation there ... :laughing:

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This shouldn't be a problem.

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That's possible?

Sure :slight_smile:
Have a look here.