Use OStageC to control Unreal engine via remote control (REST API)?

Hi folks,

I have no idea if these two things are at all compatible, but does anyone know if i could, in principal, use OStageC to control Unreal engine by web remote (REST API)?

Here’s a link to the Unreal docs, any ideas? I don’t need a “do XYZ”, i just want to know if it’s possible, and if so i’ll work it out!

cheers! … D

Sorry, me again, i believe that the Unreal web control uses JSON files or code or whatever, which i think OStageC is also based on… so maybe it’s possible?

It may be possible using httpGet from a script but it’s likely to be somewhat limited.

OK, thanks, might be something you want to look into, there would be a BIG user base for something like that if it could work nicely…

I’ll probably not integrate nor “officially support” another protocol, maintaining/enhancing what’s here already takes a lot of time. However it’s likely to become possible for the users to integrate this kind of things with a custom module at some point.

Cheers, after i posted it i realized it’s also possible to control the Unreal Editor directly with OSC without going into game mode, so i’ll go down that route, will post an example video when i have it working nicely…