Use OSC's notifcation class from custom module?


Is it possible to access the notification class from the custom module, to send custom notification messages?

If so, I cannot figure out how it's accessed. I see that it can be used from the remote control but I'm confused about how that's done precisely.



You can use it like this:

const msg = "this is a notification"
receive("/NOTIFY", msg)
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Hi Clelson,

Thank you! I was trying to access the class directly and wasn't realizing that you have to use receive to access it. Thank you for your help!


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Is it not possible to access the properties of the notification class, such as icon?

It seems I can only write to message?

// remote-control.js lines 246-254
    '/NOTIFY': function(args) {

        if (!Array.isArray(args)) args = [args]

            message: args.join('\n') || ' '


Well, no, the class is not exposed and the only argument it receives is the message itself.

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