Allow Icon and perhaps additional params for /NOTIFY remote control message


I think it would be great to add "icon" to the custom params for the /NOTIFY remote control message. It seems it just uses a font awesome icon which we could target perhaps in a simple object message.

receive("/NOTIFY", {
    message: "hello"
    icon: "clock"

Currently, you can only use the message param.

// remote-control.js lines 246-254
    '/NOTIFY': function(args) {

        if (!Array.isArray(args)) args = [args]

            message: args.join('\n') || ' '


Another feature that could be useful buttons on the notification is, for example, accept, decline, snooze, or custom user buttons. Or, utilizing the start/stop loop methods in the notification class for the user to decide how long the notification should stay.


I've put a pin on that to experiment with it next time I work on OSC.

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This will be possible in next release.

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