Unattended kiosk mode... no main menu

I have a use case in which I want to run the client on a walk-up kiosk and do not want users to be able to access any of the actions in the top left ("...") menu. I have poked around to see if this is a server setting or client option but have had no luck. I am well aware that, without the menu button, it is possible to lock yourself out of some operations, but that is definitely the intention. Any suggestions?

You can create a theme file to hide that button:

#main-menu {
  display: none;
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This is great, thanks! I note that using this theme hides the menu, as expected, but does NOT disable the input via hotkeys. For example, Ctrl-K (on Windows) still toggles display of the console. Is there a similar trick to disable input or remove all the actions on the menu?

You can set the server config prop field called "read-only" to "true", and that will prevent using some shortcuts related to editing/opening new sessions. But Ctrl+K/Ctrl+L will still be available.

I guess the read-only mode could be extended to work as a kiosk mode then.

Edit: as of v1.10.3, the read-only mode hides and disables the main menu and its keyboard shortcuts.