Switch Widget - Option to Select/Highlight Nothing After Input

Currently, I'm using switch widgets to populate a plethora of buttons from APIs or search results. Currently, the switch can be set to Tap. However, after clicking on a switch button, the value remains selected and highlighted. I was wondering if we could add an option that after value then reverts back to nothing selected.

I understand that may defeat the purpose of a "switch". I'm just not seeing another way to get the switch widget's capabilities with another widget. I could use the menu widget, but the popup of the menu, controlling where it spawns and/or clicking off of it without accidentally executing another button on the screen, is a bit more cumbersome than just throwing a switch widget in a modal, which I find more intuitive or easier. That could just be my personal bias though.

My workaround with the switch is adding an OnValue script setting the value of the switch to nothing. That does achieve exactly what I'm looking for. Since I'm using it a lot, I thought it could be a useful option for a switch.

// OnValue Script
send("/idOfSwitch", "")


This is an option I would use. I was planning to code something up that had a configurable delay (a second or two seems right to me) before resetting as your instantaneous reset seems too abrupt. I’d try fading the button color, too.