SOLVED: Grafical subdivision in a menu selection?

On a menu-widget is there a possibility to have gridlines in the menu selection?
Fine lines would be already enough.


Does this post can help you ?

To be adapted with maybe a border property

A subtle background on the menu items should do (with padding property different than 0):

.item {

Thanks @Greenman
I saw this post already and I tried different syntaxes...

but as always, @jean-emmanuel gets to the point.
My hot new term I learned today is ".item"

Many thanks

It looks much bettter

the answer my friend was in :slight_smile:

.item:nth-child(1) { background: #3b3b3b; opacity: 1; }

Indeed it looks much better, might become the default :slight_smile:

if you want some more colors, have a look at this very good post SOLVED - Numerous nth child in a menu. How to set different colors in a short short way? - #12 by Open-Stage-Composer

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That is really a good post... thanks

I will keep it in mind, if I still want to group the scales.
Then I would have to include the group definition in the JSON file, since the number of scales can change.

But with a simple syntax even the circle menu looks better at the moment.

Here is the v3 for download: (4.3 KB)

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