Simple Set('variable_1', value) Example

Hello my friends,

I don't understand why my script is not working. I just want to send a value from a fader to a variable but the value is not updating in the variable.

I currently have this script in the onValue field of the fader.

set('variable_1', value)

I have another widget with the ID "variable_1".

When I move the fader, nothing happens to the value of variable_1.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Variable Experiment.json (2.7 KB)


The example you provided works for me. If you add a console.log(), to the OnValue script property in the variable_1. After you move the fader, you should see the value of the fader. Does that not happen for you?


I apologize, I had forgotten to add the "value" into the console.log function. Now it is working well. Thanks for your help and patience!

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