Set OSC Options from Custom Module

Is it possible to set OSC options from the custom module? I know you could technically set the host and port based on certain OSC methods, however, I'm specifically in this user case trying to target the midi ports available?


I constantly switch devices which causes the midiList to reorder itself, and I wrote a script to handle this. However, currently I'm having to stop OSC, run the outside script to produce the new ordered list, paste into the OSC MIDI input, then launch OSC again. I was hoping I could achieve this with the custom module and on launch run my script to set the midiList for me.

I saw in the documentation we could read, but I don't see how to set. So, is this possible currently?


You can't set the server options from the custom module, but you can use port names instead of port numbers make your config robust to changes in the device list:

  • input / output can be port numbers or strings (as reported by the list action). If a string is specified, the first port whose name contains the string will be used (comparison is case-insensitive).
    (from MIDI configuration - Open Stage Control)
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