Scrollbar behavior (touch display)

Hello! Is it possible to change the behavior of the scrollbar in touch devices? I’d like it to work like a desktop scrollbar, where I touch the bar and just drag it down or up (or simply touch the empty area to move there).

The way it works right now, I have to touch the opposite side of the bar and drag it the other way around, like a regular touchscreen. It’s very hard to navigate this way on the iPad when you have various containers with scrollbars on the same screen. Thanks!

The apps relies on native scrollbars so I’m afraid this wont change anytime soon, sorry.

Oh I see, that’s totally fair. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

@jean-emmanuel bringing this one up to ask if it’s possible to scroll a list of widgets (push buttons) like I would swipe a touchscreen. I’m on the iPad and when I try to swipe the screen it immediately activates the button instead of scrolling.

Is this sort of touch behavior supported? If not, may I add a request? Cheers!

I don’t think changing this behavior is a good idea, immediate widget reaction is a kind of a base feature. Unfortunately the problem here is that iOS doesn’t let you grab the scrollbar (I read it’s fixed in iOS13).

That’s good to hear, though I’m on an older iPad and won’t get the update :confused:

The swipe gesture would feel more natural when scrolling through a long list of widgets or strip. And the gain of screen state by completely removing the scrollbar would be a plus for us working on tablets. But I understand why immediate reaction is favored. Maybe add a new type of container that is more flexible to the touch response and allow this sort of behavior? Or an optional two-finger behavior that would cancel the immediate reaction and allow scrolling. Just spitballin’ :slight_smile:

I’ll keep the suggestion in mind :wink:

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