Receive and filter OSC wildcards?

The OSC spec allows for wildcards like * and ? but these do not seem to work in Open Stage Control ?

for example :
I have a bunch of fader widgets with these addresses :

I would like to be able to send an OSC message :
/faders/* 0.5
to set all my faders to 0.5

is that possible ?

It's not supported, changing that new seems like a dangerous move with unexpected consequences, but it might be added as an experimental feature (enabled via url / client options).

Thanks for your reply ;
sounds like a useful feature, I would love to give it a try if you manage to add it as an experimental / optional feature.
For sure if someone used* ? [ ] in some widget name... that could lead to some surprises :thinking:
I already quite often use it in other way :
a widget with id /fader/*
that sends to all my "osc wildcard friendly" Max destination objects :slight_smile:

Would be a nice feature to have! I use Open Stage Control al lot with Qlab. This way it would be easy to arm or disarm multiple cues at once.