Rebirth rb 338 via osc

Hi ,
In 1998 RB-338 was released and it was a revolution in software synths.
I made and almost finished a template to control this one.
You have to start RB-338 first and then change the MIDI:OUT parameter, in the json file.
What do you think ?
If someone wants to do something nicer, because I'm not very good at design.

I give the file.


rebirth.json (459.3 KB)

Things to do :
finish the 909 !
Problem with the tempo (no midi message , ony a key message !
somes bugs ...

in progress

If anyone knows how I can manage the tempo, because it is not based on a midi code, but on a keyboard key (PC). thank you

based on this thread, I would say that OSC can't send key

But it seems that @jean-emmanuel post a solution inside this thread Keyboard commands or keystrokes - #12 by jean-emmanuel

hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thank you for your message.
But it seems very complicated to me to do for just 2 keys on my keyboard.
Too bad, I would change the tempo on Rebirth via the mouse.
The other problem is that Rebirth sends no MIDI messages.
So this also poses problems for updates.
But , it's just for fun that I did this and that's why I'm sharing it.

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Is it possible to generate a midi tempo routine via OSC ?

rebirth.json (615.3 KB)