Pressure / Force

Ok man, its as I thought. Hmmm, I wish all desktop touch screens supported this. It would be massive.

By the way, loving the Canvas widget. It really is a game changer especially for performance. Thanks so much for implementing that!

Wow, this is amazing !
(I've been waiting and requesting for such a thing in Lemur / touchOSC / Max Mira, ...)
Finally I can use the Apple Pencil pressure to send OSC :grinning: :smiley: :hugs:
Once again, thank you very much Jean-Emmanuel !!

Would you mind adding azimuth angle / tilt , please ?

or PointerEvent.tiltX
(+ tiltY / twist / ...)

PointerEvent.pointerType may be useful as well... to know if the pointer us a touch, a stylus, etc... ?

So many exiting things to explore with this new input :slight_smile:

On iPad, look like when Apple Pencil is used, the touch events are ignored...
is it a setting we could change ? or an iOS limitation ?
I'm pretty sure that there are apps that can use simultaneously pencil + touch...

One more thing :
on iOS devices, touch radius ( radiusX ?) should also be accessible.
I remmener a couple of years ago, developers had to use a forbidden private api to access these data (some apps had some hidden parameters to enable it..) ; then it became officially supported, but with a very low resolution. (Orphion app uses this feature)
Anyway, I guess it would worth giving it a try :wink:



I'm adding these properties in next version, except those tied to the PointerEvent API that would require a partial rewrite of o-s-c touch event implementation.

great !
looking forward exploring these exiting new features :smiley:

touch script seem to be triggered only when cursors is added/removed or moves (X/Y)
So force/pressure is only sent / drawn when x or y value change.
(if the stylus stays at same position, pressure is not updated.)

Can't find a way to trigger a script when any value changes (force, azimuthAngle, altitudeAngle, ...)

is it possible ?
canvas_x_y_force.json (6.0 KB)

I think we already had that conversation : About new canvas touch events (force, radiusX, …) - #3 by jean-emmanuel (not that I'm againt it,I just didn't make any progress on it).

oups sorry, I just forgot I already reported this :flushed:

I'm only starting to use iPad stylus in a 'real' project right now ..
It's really really fun, adds another level of expressiveness. I love it.
But for now, as soon as I map pressure or tilt to some real-time synth parameters (gain, pitch, ..), this limitation is a showstopper :-s

Could you try v1.17.1-beta0 ? It's kind of a shot in the dark here but it might work.

Edit: I just realized there's a mistake in my code, wait for beta1 please...

Edit2: beta2 should be available soon here

Sorry for late reply !
just seen the changeling for v1.18.0

  • canvas: iOS: trigger onTouch when event.force, event.altitudeAngle or event.azimuthAngle updates

great news !
but it doesn't seem to work here..
is there something I missed in order to enable this ?
I added updateCanvas() in my onTouch script, but it doesn't work.
Only x | y update the script.

I have this error message in O-S-C console when opening canvas_x_y_force.json

(ERROR, CLIENT) TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'this.iosTouchCache[e.pointerId][t]')
at setInterval( (src/client/widgets/pads/canvas.js:136:73)

updateCanvas() is not related to this, it just forces a new draw.

As I said I can't test this myself so it might take some time before I get it right, i'll see what I can do based on this error.

Thanks for trying !
in case it can help, I also get this one :

(ERROR, CLIENT) TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'this.iosTouchCache[e.pointerId]')
at setInterval( (src/client/widgets/pads/canvas.js:136:60)
As these error messages are returned on each frame.. my sessions that contains this kind of script run veeeeery sloowwwly with 1.18.0 :frowning:

v1.18.1 is uploading, let me know how it behaves

thanks for your reactivity !

error messages are gone.. but still no script trigger on event.force , event.altitudeAngle or event.azimuthAngle updates :frowning:

(I noticed that I have to close / reopen | refresh the page on iOS / safari when I change O-S-C server version ; I guess the client needs to reload the new version)


Just to be sure : it's the onTouch script that's supposed to be called when these property update.

From the onTouch script I can update the value, send an osc message, or redraw the canvas ;
so yes, I think so.

That wasn't a question :wink:


Another attempt will be available in a few minutes here Releases · jean-emmanuel/open-stage-control · GitHub