Pitch bend fader snap

I’ve Set up a pitch bend with spring and everything works great. Would it be possible to assign a button to have the fader switch to snap to grid ?

What do you mean exactly by "snap to grid" ?

Sorry I meant steps. Can I go from 0 steps to 6 steps just pushing a button?

That would be using the advanced syntaxes:

  // steps property
  // assuming there is a toggle button with id "button_id"
  if (@{button_id} === @{button_id.on}) {
    return 6
  } else {
    return 0

or, short version:

#{@{button_id} === 1 ? 6 : 0}

Thank you for the reply. Just so I understand I create a toggle button and under scripting I add your code in the onValue field? And I assume I replace the button_id with the name of the fader?

Sorry for my lack of scripting knowledge.

No, the code goes in the fader's steps property and "button_id" is to be replaced with the id of the toggle button.

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