Parsing error when opening a file


I have a json file that I saved in o-s-c, that produces a parsing error when I try to open it
I tried to remove some useless widgets from it while still keeping the parsing error.

The error is due to line 242.

I know that I am using values in a matrix, and that these values could be not initialized on loading.

I already enclosed the calculations in a try/catch block, but node still crashes.

What would the correct way to prevent the crash?


The error:

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[Renderer process error]
Uncaught NotFoundError: Failed to execute ‘replaceChild’ on ‘Node’: The node to be replaced is not a child of this node.
at updateWidget (src/client/app/editor/data-workers.js:106:35)
at reCreateWidget (src/client/app/widgets/common/widget.js:927:15)
at changedProps.push (src/client/app/widgets/common/widget.js:709:24)
at this.updateLinkedPropsWithNesting (src/client/app/widgets/common/widget.js:381:17)
at linkedValueChangedCallback (src/client/app/widgets/common/widget.js:346:21)
at this._listeners[evt].slice (src/client/app/events/event-emitter.js:29:29)
at listeners[i] (src/client/app/events/event-emitter.js:35:41)
at listeners[i] (src/client/app/events/event-emitter.js:35:41)
at listeners[i] (src/client/app/events/event-emitter.js:35:41)
at changed (src/client/app/widgets/common/widget.js:220:13)

crashing.json (79.8 KB)

reported on github: