OSC faders are not working anywhere (Kontakt, Sine, DAW, etc.)

OSC is already an official MIDI device on my computer. Faders are set to the right channel and CC in OSC. I have a lot of other buttons in my template that are working fine. Just the faders that aren't working. My Korg nanoKontrol is working fine. Surprisingly, my OSC template faders move with my Korg faders (OSC is really cool)! But how can I get them to work on my computer?


Hard to tell, but double check the MIDI ports your faders are using.
If you can upload a minimal session with a not working fader, it would make easier to help you.

Haha, I was just about to delete this post. About 10 minutes ago I finished my template and started to program in Keyboard Maestro, and it wouldn't learn the CCs from the buttons I pressed so I went back to OSC, and it turns out the MIDI ports I set for OSC changed from 8 to 4, so I changed it and everything's working fine. Thanks for replying though.


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