"One click" way to send "snapshots"?

Hi folks,

If you want to send a (previous) snapshot of your entire session, you can do:

session > open recent > XYX.json

And then:

state > send all

But is there a quicker way to do this?

I mean like have a single button in the interface that saves all parameters, and then a second button that, with a single press, will (at a later time after you made more changes) recall that entire state and send?..with one button click?

The way it’s implemented now works fine but it’s bit long-winded, it would be great to have one click snapshot recall possible.

Perhaps it’s already possible? … cheers!

You can trigger menu actions from a script with the toolbar() function, or use stateGet, stateSet and storage to save/load the widgets’ state to/from the browser’s cache. Or you can do it from a custom module using remote control commands.

Thanks, good to know it’s possible, will look into it.