Here’s my scenario:

I have 10 buttons. The buttons send and receive SysEx messages already. They work fine as expected.
I also would like these buttons to serve as a preset button for my entire gui.

In other words: If i have 50 buttons with settings changed in million different ways, I would like to capture the entire status into button 1.

Then change all these buttons around (faders, volumes, automation) and what have you… and capture this status to button 2.

Can this be done?

This could get you started Save and Load states directly through editor?

That’s fantastic Jean

Would you be kind to tell me what to do with the script?
Should I open every single button setting and copy the script somewhere?

If you can please provide me with an “explanation for dummies” style with step by step I would highly appreciate it

Hello @love770

Actually the whole state of your scene (all your 50000 buttons) is saved into a file. You have to trigger the save via a button or manually.

Then you can use another button to load this file state.

You have to use the instructions @jean-emmanuel mentioned.
Hope it helps

A more detailed explanation can be found down in the linked thread; the functions used are documented here.

I think I was able to create a button to serve as a preset. My question is: How do I place this button underneath an existing button but have both buttons respond?

Right now, I have a button that sends and receives midi messages. I want this button to also be preset. So, I thought to create the preset button, make it invisible with no label and place it underneath the existing button. But I can't figure out how to make 2 buttons that are layered on each other, work
I can either bring on to the front or back but i want both to respond. Is that possible?

Hi, i would not opt in for such a solution, IMHO.
I think the best way is to do this in a custom module(trigger two actions from a single button click).

I gave it a try, i placed one button on another one, i turned the visibility off on one button, but that just sends a message from the button which is visible. (i thought that would work, because interaction is still on true) -> not sure if that is a wanted behaviour.

You can't make one event reach two different widgets, you need to either link them (using the linkId property, or by making the touched widget activate the other one using scripting) or make one widget trigger the two actions (using scripting or the custom module).