Newbie : change colors and set name

Newbie question:
Greetings to all
I’m trying to modify a file written by a member of the vi-control forum that manages instrument articulations. It works very well but I would like to customize it.
My programming knowledge is more than modest, so, thanks for your kindness!
I want to display the trackname variable instead in panel-articulation widget id. I’ve added the variable in the js file but I’m stuck!
Also, how can I change the color and bgcolor of the buttons according to the articulations? (sustain=red, pizzicato=pink…).

Thanks for your help

Remote - test.json (94.3 KB) test.js (4.0 KB)


Hey zig, in that VI forum check out Joe hidden’s template he uploaded. He has a fantastic template that’ll start you off really well. He has custom colours for each articulation group as well. I forget where his post is exactly, you’ll have to have a search through. If you still need help after checking that out, let us know. Cheers