Have MIDI feedback into Open Stage Control and auto-populate articulation names?

Hi there,

I’ve recently saw this video about showing articulation names and have them auto-populate when switching tracks inside REAPER when using the Reaticulate plugin.

Is there a way to auto-populate articulation names based on program change banks / values inside Open Stage Control?

I’ve allowed for articulations to be switched when pressing a button, so that a program change message is sent to REAPER, which changes the articulation, but don’t know how to have it so that the name itself auto-populates on the button itself when selecting or changing tracks.

Thank you in advance for the help!

Hi, I’m off for a few weeks so I wont be able to get back to you before the end of the month, sorry.

Hi there,

No problem at all!

Will see what I can possibly figure out in the meantime until you’re back.

Enjoy your time off! :smile:

Did you figure it out ? It seems to this question has been addressed at VI-Control forums already.