Midi Error: spawn python3 ENOENT (python not found) SOLVED!

Hello guys, here I uploaded my solution on a video.

Hey Jorge. Can you re-upload this video again? It seems to be the only installation information online for OSX… it’s gone!! :disappointed_relieved:

Download and install the last version of python (python 3.8.5) then install rtmidi with pip3 in terminal :
pip3 install python-rtmidi
PS: pip is installed by default in python 3 so don’t need to install it separately.

Hey there!
I could fix this issue in macos usign exec

const exec =  require('child_process').exec
exec('python3 /Users/full/path/to/your/python/script/script.py ',function(error, stdOut, stdErr){
                #do things

You don't need python since version 1.7.0 (MIDI configuration - Open Stage Control)