Matrix of clones not redrawn after /EDIT

here is an example session file with a small reproducer:

loops.json (10.2 KB)

I am using o-s-c 0.49.12 on linux

It is still a quite complex example.

I involves a matric of clones, one of my favorite feature in o-s-c :wink:

My goal is to color in red the loops that have the “queued” property set to ‘true’

when I send a modification to the loops list, for instance:

oscsend osc.udp://localhost:8080 /EDIT/MERGE ss 'loops_list' '{"values":{"1": {"- no loop -": {"name": "- no loop -", "queued": false}, "[ whole song ]": {"name": "[ whole song ]", "queued": false}, "loop1": {"name": "loop1", "queued": false}, "loop2": {"name": "loop2", "queued": false}, "loop3": {"name": "loop3", "queued": true}}}}'

(here I set the last loop to be queued), we can see that the text in swith_2 gets updated correctly, but the loops colors do not change…

to manually refresh the list states end colors, I have to make any change to the ‘matrix’ field, and then the widget will refresh.

is there a trick to force a redraw every time a /EDIT is done on the list?


EDIT: I found out I can send an /EDIT/MERGE '/1/loops_list_loops' '{}' to trigger a redraw. this is an acceptable workaround for me :wink: