Managing big modules and custom import and export

I made a feature req. for a more flexible way to import and export from a project.

The usage case i would have is to export and import a part (one TAB under root) of a bigger project.
Now if i would update this one part i had to replace this one tab in the whole project somehow (-> now i only working on this one). I am not sure how a nice solution could look like? -> Session "custom import" / "custom export" (and select from the project tree).

The second question is about the organisation of big projects (now only one part of the project is using a custom module, in the future several will use the custom module).
According e.g. to the small example(and others):

i think i understand how to define variables und methods in a seperate module and how to use them in the main module(global before "module.exports").
-> what i don't get is how do i swap out code to a module that is in the init function, or oscoutfilter... (in a class in a module??).


I'm not sure to understand the question but in this project I separated my module in several submodules, maybe it could help you :

That was exactly what i needed! :slight_smile:

May i humble ask about the feature request, is this doable?

The work on this feature has barely started, I don't know when it'll be ready. Meanwhile the solution described here is still valid.

I've made some good progress on this, it's not quite finished yet but should definitely land in the next weeks.

:grinning: whoa, nice!