Make a "no release push button" widget act as a normal push button

Here’s how a push button with the “norelease” option set to true looks like after it has been pushed (I’m referring to the left arrow button):


I’d like to know if I can make this button not change its looks after it has been pushed.

Thank you!

@theodor_the_1st what you see is the push button reacting to an external osc feedback, you should be able to disable that with some css (look for the .on class)

This will change in the futur along with many other things as I started working on a major refactor which hopefully I’ll get to write about soon.

Ooh, very interested in new changes! Will you write about it here on the blog?

Thank you! I’ll be back as soon as finish my CSS research :face_with_monocle:

Very interested in seeing your template as it looks @theodor_the_1st

Would you have a screenshot to share?

TEST.json (225.1 KB)

This is the first tab:

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